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Halloween Traditions and Superstitions – as Reported in 19th Century Newspapers

Posted on October 31st, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

Boo! Boo, again! To celebrate “All Hallows’ Eve”, we’ve posted two, fascinating newspaper articles – from 1847 and 1892 – which report on the Halloween superstitions and traditions prevalent in the UK and Ireland during the mind and late 19th Century. In particular, we love the ‘nutty’ tradition of how a maiden can magically discover which […]

Great flood of London – eight people killed as wave of beer swept through London’s streets

Posted on October 26th, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

The ‘Evening Standard’ published a news story from the British Newspaper Archive this week about a tragedy that took place in London in October 1814, when 8 people were drowned by a wave of beer in the Tottenham Court Road. We thought that people might like to read this story, so we’ve posted it below. […]

Charge of the Light Brigade – “An Officer’s Account of the Cavalry Charge at Balaklava”

Posted on October 26th, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

As the Battle of Balaclava took place in October 1854, we’ve been reading some newspaper stories about this famous episode in the Crimean War. We were especially struck by some of the eye-witness accounts of the battle. In particular, we were fascinated by this account of the Light Brigade’s charge, as described by an officer. […]

Saving Seamen’s Lives – Blog #1 by Edmund King

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by Amy

We are delighted to introduce Edmund King to The BNA blog. Ed was Head of the British Library Newspaper Library and Newspaper Librarian from 1999 until retirement from his role earlier this year. Ed will be writing several guest posts here on The British Newspaper Archive blog in the coming months. We’re really looking forward to […]

The Death of W.G. Grace – 23 October 1915

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

William Gilbert Grace, better known as W.G. Grace, died on 23 October 1915. An expert with both bat and ball, Dr Grace was probably the most influential players in the development of cricket, and is generally regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. The Archive contains 1000s of stories about his career […]

Dr Crippen – Found Guilty of Murder on 22 October 1910

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen (aka Dr Crippen) was found guilty of murder at the Central Criminal Court in the Old Bailey, on 22 October 1910. He was later sentenced to death, and was hanged at Pentonville Prison in London. Famously, Dr Crippen was the first criminal to be arrested thanks to the new invention of […]

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ – John Barnes and ‘The Daily Gleaner’ Newspaper

Posted on October 18th, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

We enjoyed learning about the family history of John Barnes in this week’s episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ The programme highlighted the fascinating life of John’s grandfather, Frank Hill, who played a leading role in Jamaica’s struggle for independence – so the programme was an excellent mix of genealogy and political history. […]

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ – John Barnes, BBC1, Wednesday 17 October, 21:00

Posted on October 17th, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

We’re looking forward to learning about the ancestors of John Barnes in tonight’s episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ The listing for the show on the BBC website mentions ‘secret telegrams’ and internment, so we think this will be a very interesting programme, which will shed light on Jamaica’s struggle for independence. Oh, […]

Oscar Wilde – Born in Dublin on 16 October 1854

Posted on October 16th, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

Born To Be Wilde! To celebrate the birthday of Oscar Wilde, we’ve posted two stories from 1894 that provide a glimpse of his wit, character and taste in literature. The Archive contains 1000s of interesting stories about Oscar Wilde. In particular, there are 100s of stories about the trial of Oscar Wilde. Indeed, if you […]