New Features Added to the BNA Website – New User History and Account Dropdown Tabs

Posted on November 1st, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

The BNA Development Team has been busy working on adding new features to the website.

So when you login to the site, you’ll notice two, wee icons in the top right corner of the site (just below the British Library and brightsolid logos).

graphic for new features on the BNA website

If you click the icon to the left (i.e. the clock icon), you can click on the last give pages you viewed and also you last five searches. If you click the other icon (i.e. the cog), you can click on links for ‘My Account’, ‘Purchase Gift Packages’, ‘’Admin’ and ‘Logout’.

So these new links should help you to scoot around the website at an increased rate of knots.

These computer things are clever, innit?

  • Lyndall Blackley

    Have the new features done something to the “click & drag” capabilities of the site? I can still use “click & drag” on other websites, but not on BNA, which means that I am no longer able to move up and down an article, either when it first appears or if I select the “desktop” option. I can enlarge and reduce the size, but can’t drag the words up & down. I’m pretty sure it’s not my computer settings that have changed. Have I missed some instruction on the BNA site?

    • BNA

      Hi Lyndall, it should still be working fine – it’s okay from our end. If you’re still having problems, then could you please contact the HelpDesk?