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Greyfriars Bobby – a Dog Good and True…

Newspaper stories from January 1872 reporting the death of Greyfriars Bobby

Today, we salute a dog good and true: Greyfriars Bobby, who passed away on 14 January 1872, after a 14-year vigil at the grave of his master, Auld Jock (aka John Gray).

If you’ve ever visited Edinburgh, you’ll likely have seen the statue of Bobby (paid for by Baroness Burdett-Coutts), at the corner of Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge.

Bobby now bides in the great kennel in the sky, and goes for two, long danders (grand, mazy walks) each day with Auld Jock.

Dundee Courier – Friday 19 January 1872


Berwickshire News and General Advertiser – Tuesday 23 January 1872



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  • Leslie R. Meiklejohn

    For every Mr. Traill and Baroness Coutts there’s sure to be some crotchety old piece of flint wishing to bring something uplifting crashing down to his level.

  • As for me; I truly loved the story about Bobby when I visited Edenburgh and went to Greyfriars!! Such a lovely story and resting place ….I am sure it would be true for nothing more than I love animals better than most people; they are a wonderful gift of God to humans. I came to trace my Scotish roots and attend the Highland Games of ’09 at Hollyrood. Then traveled about in search of Clan Keith…..and what a wonderful heritage I found!! Dunnotter Castle and the surounding area….made me want to stay, but alas I had to return to America where I live in Arizona and blistering hot summers, which last about 8-9 months. I long for the beauty of the green country side and the echo of a history long past and hope to be able to come again. Rest in peace Bobby….Aye!

  • I have always loved the story of a good and faithful dog like Bobby. i visited the gravesite many years ago and found it very lovely resting ground. Wish there were more uplifting stories like this in these unhappy times

  • I have loved the story of Bobby since I was a wee girl. I loved going to see where he rests, when on holiday in Edinburgh. Later in life, I lived in Edinburgh, the home of my late husband. Although I do not live there now, I still have a fondness for such a devoted wee dog.

  • My husband & I visited Scotland in 2009 & when we went to Endinburgh, Greyfriar’s cemetery & Bobby’s grave was the first thing I wanted to see. Had my photo taken beside his statue. I have loved him since reading Greyfriars Bobby when I was young…..cried all the way through it.

  • I had to make special homage to this wee dog’s resting place when we visited
    Edinburgh in 09. It brought a tear to my eye then as now. Brought up on
    farms in NZ these wee dogs loyalties are very rare, so don’t forget them.
    A great Kirk for more studies folks.

  • A wonderful story and one I had read as a child. Coming to see the cemetery and the grounds as an older adult, I felt completed. We should never denigrate the power of love and affection wherever we find it. Then as now, the world needs such devotion.

  • Im incredibly moved by the story of Greyfriars Bobby, which I learnt from my scottish Nanny as a child growing up in New Zealand.
    As an adult living in Canada I now travel to Scotland every year
    Every day Im in Edinburgh I go to visit Bobbys Grave and statue,and theres avery moving display in the Edinburgh city museum.Only special people recieve such devotion from an animal they cared for, he is an examlpe to everyone.
    Last time I was i the kirkyard there was sadly, a funeral happening how special it was to sit beside John grays grave and listen to the swirl of he pipes

  • I have also been interested in the story of Greyfriar’s Bobby, ever since I found an old picture among my Grandmothers papers about 20 years ago. She was born in 1879 in NZ, being brought up in an orphanage, maybe she felt a kindred spirit with Bobby.

  • My Auntie Maisie, born in Kilsyth, now 97 and living in NZ, saw Greyfriars Bobby as she went through Edinburgh as a ten-year-old in 1926 when her family emigrated, and told me his story. I had to go and see him for myself in 1998. He stays in everyone’s memory.

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