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The Mutiny by the Indian Sepoy Troops at Meerut – 11 May 1857

On 11 May 1857, the mutiny by Indian Sepoy soldiers at Meerut started.

The mutiny at Meerut was the start of the Indian Rebellion of 1857, as it acted as a catalyst for other mutinies as well as uprising by citizens to take place.

Included below is a letter written by an officer stationed in Meerut, who describes the terrible events that took place at this time.

And here’s another very moving letter written by an army officer – this time, based at Sebastopol during the Crimean War.

Cheltenham Looker-On – Saturday 26 September 1857



3 comments On The Mutiny by the Indian Sepoy Troops at Meerut – 11 May 1857

  • An uncle X 4 removed was killed in Kalpi (Calpee) May 1858. He was a private in the 14th (Kings Own) Light Dragoons. The letter from the Cheltenham Onlooker 1857 adds to the knowledge I have of the Indian Mutiny which was almost nil until I found that an ancestor had been involved.

    • Gloria, we’ve very pleased to hear that this newspaper letter helped you with your research about the Indian Mutiny. If you find any stories about your ancestor in the Archive, please give us a shout. Regards, Grant.

  • I am the grand Daughter of James J. Devers one of the Connaught Rangers who was in the Mutiny in India 1920. I have lots of information about my grandfather and photos newspaper clipping also a letter from the prison my grandfather was in and other info on the connaught ranger. one newspaper clipping my grandfather is telling the story about what happen in India.

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