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New feature: In Pictures

In Pictures page

Using our brand new feature called In Pictures you can now search for pictures in newspapers on The British Newspaper Archive. We have specially selected five newspapers from the new illustrated titles introduced last month to introduce this feature with; The Sketch, The Sphere, The Graphic, Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News, and Britannia and Eve.

You can currently access the In Pictures search by visiting the title page of each of these newspapers and clicking on the new In Pictures button.

In Pictures is currently in beta. This means that development of this feature is ongoing, and you may notice some changes taking place.

In Pictures beta button

How to use In Pictures

If you are already familiar with how searching works on The British Newspaper Archive then you already know how to search for pictures.

As with regular searches, quotations matter. Searching for Winston Churchill will land you with different results than when searching for “Winston Churchill”. Searches are not case sensitive.

Your results are returned in reverse chronological order. The most recently published pictures appear at the top of the page, and the oldest at the bottom. You will see the publication year of the most recent picture to the left of the search bar.

You can search In Pictures and see the results even if you are not currently subscribed to The British Newspaper Archive.

When you click on a picture from your search results a banner will appear with information about, and an extract from, the newspaper page that contains your search term. You can chose to view the page in full by clicking on “Read this article”, or you can dismiss the banner and continue browsing your search results by clicking on “close this”.

search results with page banenr

How it works

When searching In Pictures your search will happen as it normally does on The British Newspaper Archive, but instead of your results being displayed as a list of newspaper pages you will find pictures which are on the same page as the results of your search. So if you search for “Winston Churchill” you will be presented with all of the pictures from any newspaper pages that also contain the words “Winston Churchill”. This means that you won’t just see pictures of Winston Churchill, but all pictures from any of the pages in the available newspaper titles that he is mentioned on.

Millions of pictures are available, so try searching for people, places, or anything else.


Try out In Pictures today!



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