The Execution of Dr Crippen – Pentonville Prison, London, 23 November 1910

Posted on November 23rd, 2012 by The British Newspaper Archive

On 23 November 1910, the physician and salesman, Dr Crippen, was hanged at Pentonville Prison in London.

The first criminal to be arrested via wireless communication (Crippen was apprehended on the SS Montrose as it arrived in the St Lawrence River), Crippen was found guilty of murdering his wife, Cora – although doubts as to his guilt have recently been aired.

Back in October, we posted two stories on the blog about the trial of Crippen and his alleged accomplice, Ethel ‘Le Neve’ Neave.

The Archive contains 100s of fascinating stories about the crime, chase, arrest, trial and execution of Dr Crippen – just do a search on his surname to find these stories.

newspaper report on the execution of dr crippen

Derby Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 23 November 1910

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