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Tip 2: How to print an article

Unfortunately, currently we only have the option to print whole pages. This can be a little frustrating as the original image is scaled down to print in your home printer (usually A4) so will make it quite tricky to read!

I have a few tips for you. . .

The best way to retrieve a readable copy of a particular article at the moment is to:

1.  Rather than selecting ‘Print’, choose to ‘Download’ the newspaper page image from the viewer.

2.  Once you have downloaded it, open in your preferred PDF viewer (don’t worry – the image should open automatically when you click on the downloaded file!)

3.  You can then zoom in to your article (try 150 to 200%).

4.  Once you have zoomed in, go to ‘Edit’, select ‘Take a snapshot’ and then select the area of the article that you wish to print/save. This will automatically ‘copy’ your selection. However, if you right click you can choose to print the selection.

5.  Printing: Select ‘fit to page’, when your printer options pop up. This will then make the selection bigger (and readable!)


Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

The British Newspaper Archive team


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  • Thanks for the tip — hope it will help. Had been a little disappointed regarding printing, having expected it to be like the excellent arrangement with Australian newspaper articles at National Library of Australia (www.nla.gov.au). Very easy to use, even for techno-dummies like myself.

  • There’s an even simpler method, Amy! Just use the Snipping Tool that is standard in Windows to draw round the selected article, or section, and save it to whatever directory you like.

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