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‘Fathers Beware’ – A Father’s Day Story from 1931

To celebrate Father’s Day, we thought we’d have a rummage in the newspaper archive to see what interesting stories we could find.

As usual, we found lots of interesting stories. We picked this article from 1931 because it reveals so much about the times.

For instance, it shows the effects that prohibition would have on gift buying in the USA. It also considers (rather snobbily) the way in which the paternal day of celebration was gradually becoming part of life in the UK.

And hands up all those who knew that the dandelion is supposed to be the emblem of Father’s Day? But we think a bottle of alcohol-free dandelion wine would have solved the problem during prohibition!

Hull Daily Mail – Saturday 25 July 1931

Image © Northcliffe Media Limited.

Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.



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