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Dr Crippen – Found Guilty of Murder on 22 October 1910

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen (known simply as Dr Crippen) was found guilty of murder at the Central Criminal Court in the Old Bailey on 22 October 1910. He was later sentenced to death and hanged at Pentonville Prison in London.

Famously, Dr Crippen was the first criminal to be arrested thanks to the new invention of wireless telegraphy.

As the Crippen case represents a famous episode in criminal history, we’ve posted below two stories that report on the court case and its guilty verdict.

However, there are hundreds of stories about the Crippen case in The Archive – a simple search on Dr Crippen” will reveal more stories for your perusal.

Crippen guilty
‘Doctor’ Found Guilty | North Devon Journal | 27 October 1910


Crippen trial
The Crippen Trial | Dundee Courier | 24 October 1910


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