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Newspaper Images Published on Armistice Day in 1918

To mark the hundred years since the signing of the Armistice on Monday 11 November 1918, which ended the First World War, we take a look at the poignant images published that historic day across our various publications.

A significant theme running throughout, of course, is that of peace, and freedom, at last, as featured in the Nottingham Evening Post and the Liverpool Echo.

Nottingham Evening Post | 11 November 1918

Liverpool Echo | 11 November 1918

Other newspapers, such as the Evening Despatch and the Sheffield Independent capture the sheer joy of people across Europe, picturing a smiling little Belgian girl who has received food from the British, jubilant crowds in Birmingham, and a ‘happy warrior’ in the pages of the Leeds Mercury.

 Sheffield Independent | 11 November 1918

Leeds Mercury | 11 November 1918

Evening Despatch | 11 November 1918

Another theme amongst the newspapers published on the 11 November 1918 was the fall of the Hohenzollern dynasty, as Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and his son the Crown Prince signed a Renunciation Act, ending the rule both of their house and of the monarchy in Germany. The Daily Mirror proclaimed ‘Democracy Triumphs Over the Last of the Autocrats,’ picturing a touching moment between father and son. However, The Daily Mirror wryly remarks that the abdicating royalty, although apparently in the midst of their farewells, ‘are both going the same way.’

Daily Mirror | 11 November 1918

However, the main feeling emanating from all publications is one of great relief. It is clear that the signing of the Armistice, in the minds of many, meant the end of the war to end all wars. This was the end of The Great War, and the happiness and hope for a more peaceful future is clear to see.

Lincolnshire Echo | 11 November 1918



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