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Karl Marx – Died in London on 14 March 1883

Karl Heinrich Marx, author of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Capital’, died in London on 14 March 1883.

To mark the day, we’re sharing a newspaper report of his death and a report on his funeral and burial at Highgate Cemetery.


Death of Karl Marx
Morning Post | 17 March 1883
funeral of Karl Marx
Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser | 20 March 1883

We do wonder about the story regarding Marx and Engels almost dying in the Tay Bridge Disaster in 1879. The story goes that they had planned to travel on the ill-fated train while on a lecture tour in Scotland, but one (or both) of them caught a cold, so they changed their travel plans.

It might just be an urban myth, this story. But if anybody has any definite information about this story, please leave a comment on the blog!



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