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‘The Reported Meeting Between Livingstone and Stanley’ – October 1871

The bicentenary of David Livingstone’s birth

With the bicentenary of David Livingstone’s birth taking place today, we thought we’d post an Archive story about the mill worker who became one of the world’s most famous missionaries and explorers.

So we’ve posted below one of the first newspaper reports of his historic meeting with the journalist, Henry Morton Stanley.

The story of their meeting was front page news in 1872 (it took several months for the news to reach the UK), and there are some fascinating reports about the meeting.

To find these news stories, just type ‘Livingstone Stanley’ into the ‘All of these words’ text-box on the Advanced Search page, and then use the filtering options to navigate your way to April/May 1872.

Yorkshire Gazette | 15 October 1892


Graphic | 25 April 1874


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3 comments On ‘The Reported Meeting Between Livingstone and Stanley’ – October 1871

  • Interesting piece. David Livingston was a major celebrity at the time and this was a major story, pity it is relegated and forgotten nowadays. (As an aside how can you claim copyright on items most definitely in the public domain?)

    • Glad you liked this article, John – yes, it was a massive story at the time. With regards to copyright, I’m not entirely sure that these newspaper pages are in the public domain. Certainly, we have to add a copyright notice for all the images that we post here. Regards. Grant.

  • Thanks for the response. The story did get some coverage here in Scotland yesterday, and there were officials from Malawi actually in Scotland to help celebrate the event (slaps forehead and says Doh).

    The maximum term of copyright in the UK is 70 years – and that is now; when the newspapers were issued the copyright term was shorter. I know copyright is a minefield but 70 years is 70 years. This information is also on this site. The article appears to be unsigned, so going by the information on this site it should be in the public domain. Anyway, thanks for highlighting this anniversary.

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