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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – Born in Simbirsk on 22 April 1870

Newspaper report on the attempt to assassination Lenin by Socialist Revolutionary, Fanni Kaplan – 30 August 1918

The lawyer and revolutionary, Lenin, was born in Simbirsk on 22 April 1870.

The Archive contains 100s of stories about Lenin, including reports on the two assassination attempt that were made on him.

The newspaper clipping below is a report on the attempt by Fanni Kaplan to shoot Lenin on 30 August 1918, while he was on a visit to the ‘Hammer and Sickle’ factory in Moscow.

Kaplan was executed three days after her attempt to assassinate Lenin, with a bullet to the back of the head.

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Exeter and Plymouth Gazette – Monday 02 September 1918

Image © Northcliffe Media Limited. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.



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