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The 2nd Birthday of the British Newspaper Archive – FREE Newspaper Pages for Sharing

It’s the BNA’s second birthday today!

birthday cake imageTo celebrate the day, we thought we’d share some newspaper stories for historic events that happened on the 29th of November. To view these FREE pages, just click on the images and links below. If you haven’t registered on the website, just quickly register on our registration page (it’s just your name and email address that’s required) and then you can view all these FREE pages.

Thank you for your support
We’d also like to thank you all for supporting us over the last two years. We’re incredibly excited about going into our third year, as we are now planning the next stage of the site’s evolution.

You, The BNA’s customers, will be key to helping us form this vision for the future: look out for our surveys in the coming months – we’d love to hear what you want and need from us.

Historic stories of the 29th of November – Thomas Edison gives a demo of his phonograph in 1877 and the Tehran Conference of 1943

In New Jersey on 29 November 1877, ‘the Wizard of Menlo Park’ (aka Thomas Edison) gave a demo of his new invention – the phonograph.  In this report (FREE article), we love the technical description of Edison’s new invention. We also liked this later piece (FREE article) that contains an illustration of the phonograph, and also gives details of Edison’s thought process and method of working.

historical newspaper report on edison

A historic event that took place on 29 November 1943 was the 4-day summit meeting in Tehran of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. In this first report (FREE article), a summary of newspaper views about the conference from all round the world is offered.

In this rather ‘unusual angle’ story (FREE article) about the conference, you can find out how ‘the Big Three’ celebrated – and repeatedly toasted! – Churchill’s 69th birthday, which fell on 30 November. Although it happened on 30 November, the all-powerful and heady birthday atmosphere of today (plus the fact it’s the 70th anniversary of the Tehran conference) meant we had to share this story. After all, it’s always very interesting to see what our leaders are eating and drinking!

historical newspaper report on the big three at the tehran conference

News and updates for the BNA project
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