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‘Poetess Weds Lion Tamer’ – Reported in ‘The Dundee Courier’ on 6 January 1938

‘He was the first man to ride into a cage of nine lions and direct their performance from the back of a Somalian stallion…’

Oh, we think this will likely be our favourite newspaper headline for January.

Let’s hope this poetess was an ailurophile, and that the lion tamer was a poetry lover!

And we can’t help feeling that this is the sort of news story that sub-editors on newspapers dream about writing headlines for – the lucky sub-editor probably had the page framed and displayed it on the wall of his living room.

Anyway, it’s the perfect story for gladdening hearts and lifting spirits during the first week of January.

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Poetess weds lion-tamer | Dundee Courier | 6 January 1938



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