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Is this the Illustrated Police News’ best illustration?

If you’ve ever explored the Illustrated Police News at The British Newspaper Archive, you’ll know it’s full of fantastically melodramatic images and stories.

We think we may have come across our favourite illustration so far.

Victorian ladies attacked by an octopus

This image graced the front page of the Illustrated Police News on Saturday 17 October 1896. It depicts four Victorian ladies attempting to flee from the sweetest-looking octopus we’ve ever seen.

Octopus attack depicted in the Illustrated Police News

Illustrated Police News – Saturday 17 October 1896

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Have you found something better in the Illustrated Police News?

Let us know if you find an illustration that can rival the Victorian octopus. You can post an image or a link in the comments below, or post it on The British Newspaper Archive’s facebook page.


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