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Top tip: Saving newspaper articles to your computer

Did you know that you can save the stories you find at The British Newspaper Archive to your computer?

This step-by-step guide will explain how you can download a whole newspaper page and also how you can save individual articles or images. Watch this short video tutorial or follow the steps below:



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How to save articles from The British Newspaper Archive


  1. Use the ‘Download’ option at the top of our image viewer to download a PDF of the whole newspaper page.
    Use The British Newspaper Archive's Download button to save a newspaper page to your computer.

  3. Open the file and then click the disk icon at the bottom of the page to save it to your computer.
    Save a whole newspaper page to your computer

  5. To save a single article or image, go back to the image viewer. Click the ‘All Articles’ option on the left-hand side of the page to get rid of any highlighting.
    Click the All Articles link at The British Newspaper Archive to remove highlighting.

  7. Use the bottom icon on the image viewer to make the newspaper fill your whole screen. You can then zoom and move the page to focus on what you want to save.
    View full-screen newspaper pages at The British Newspaper Archive

  9. If you’re using a Windows PC, your computer should have a ‘Snipping Tool’ installed on it. You can find it by opening your computer menu and searching for snipping tool.
    If you’re using a Mac instead, you can use the ‘Grab’ tool which works in a similar way.
    Search your computer for the snipping tool

  11. Draw around the article or image you want to save. You can then click on the disk icon and save it to your computer as a JPEG file.
    Save a newspaper article from The British Newspaper Archive to your computer

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4 comments On Top tip: Saving newspaper articles to your computer

  • This article borders on untruth.

    Yes, there IS a download to PDF command, but it produces a low-resolution document with unreadable text from older newspapers. So it is useless. Did nobody in the British Newspaper Archive think to test it to see if it is fit-for-purpose?

    So, oh whoopy, you can do a screen capture using the ordinary screen capture code built into any computer. Nothing provided by you guys. Why haven’t you got a “download as image” command? You have the image at hand, because that’s what you use to create the display on the screen, all it needs is appropriate formatting for download.

    On my brief foray into this website, I see it is completely amateurish. The OCR is rubbish, the OCR editor is rubbish, the article identification is rubbish, the search can’t work well because the stored text is incomplete and incorrect.

    You need to sort out your systems. Filling them with more badly processed data, amateurishly presented, is not the way forward.

    • Hi nodgo, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with the website. We’ll pass your feedback onto our team, so thank you for taking the time to post it.

      We’re currently working on improvements to allow our customers to snip articles directly from the website, but felt it would be useful to show how this can be done at the moment.

  • I could not agree more with nodgo. I often want to print (for my family history research) long articles from old, large, closely printed newspapers – using the snipping tool is not an option for a report covering a couple columns that run from the top to the bottom of a very large page .

    The low resolution document is totally unacceptable. Downloading a whole page that has been squashed onto an A4 sized pdf by you is not even readable on the screen. It will never produces an acceptable printed result – even after editing in Photoshop and reducing the resolution from 300dpi to 150 in order the increase the size of the text. One can only produce a very poor quality print out that almost needs a magnifying glass to read it.

    The new folder system for saved searches is an improvement but it is irritating not to be able to return to the folder you are working with and having to select the folder again to get back to where you were.

  • Thanks for the post and thanks for all commenters. keep continuing.

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