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Introducing Title Pages

Each newspaper title now has its very own title page full of useful information and tools. You can use them to find out what is available for that newspaper on The British Newspaper Archive, sample a free ‘On this day’ issue, and use the search box for searching inside the newspaper.

There are two ways to access our new title pages. The first is by clicking the ‘titles online’ link on the homepage (as shown below) and then selecting any of newspaper titles within.

titles online

The second is by clicking the ‘More details’ button on the coloured banner after browsing to any newspaper from the homepage or filtering your search by any specific newspaper.

more details

Title pages give you an overview about any newspaper on The British Newspaper Archive (BNA).

Free ‘On this day’ sample

On this day

Take a look inside the newspaper with a free sample from a newspaper that was published on this day from a random year in our collection. Just click on the magnifying glass and you’ll be able to navigate through an issue of the newspaper. Come back tomorrow for a new issue, as this section of the page will change daily with the date.

Search this newspaper


By using the search box near the top of the page you can search inside the newspaper.

Check out all issues in the archive

check out all issues

Click here and you’ll be taken to a search page where you can see all issues of this newspaper that are available on the BNA; the issues will appear in chronological order by default.

Issues, Pages, and Available years

issues pages years

These statistics will give you an idea of how much of this newspaper we currently have online at a glance. Newspapers have different publication patterns ranging from daily to monthly, and they also have a wide variety of pages per issue. Some of our oldest newspapers only have 2 pages per issue! We are always adding more to the BNA, so you may see the list of available years grow over time.

For this newspaper…

for this newspaper

Some newspapers change their title over the years, and we file these on the BNA under a main title. In this section of the page, you’ll be able to discover all of the variant titles for the newspaper and which years they were published on.

This newspaper is published by…

publisher info

Just below the list of titles you will find information such as who published the newspaper, where it was published, when it was first added to the BNA, and when the latest issues were added.


If the newspaper is not available in the British Library Reading Rooms and other library premises, you can find this out towards the bottom of the page. If this section is not on the page then the newspaper is unrestricted.

Related topics

related topics

Related topics are other users’ saved tags, which may help you continue your own research. Our developers are still working on this section of the page to bring you more links in the future.

Try out our title pages here!



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