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New titles this month! March

March has been a great month at the Archive.  We have added eight brand new titles this month including the Rutland Echo and Leicestershire Advertiser.  In bringing online a newspaper for England’s smallest county we now have a newspaper for every county in England.  And we won’t stop there.  Our England collection will continue to grow. And watch this space for similar ‘country completion’ announcements.

This month we are particularly pleased to announce the addition of issues from the 1850s and 60s for the Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, which later merged with Lloyd’s List (1884).

This month also saw the addition of several titles for Ireland, including the intriguing Irish Society. The weekly paper, which called itself ‘the only society journal in Ireland’, did not publish reports on politics or wider news. Instead, it focused on society events such as engagements and marriages, soirees and parties. Our coverage includes issues for the period 1920-1924 which saw civil war break out in Ireland.

Click on each of the titles below to learn more about the newspaper and read a Sample Issue for FREE.

East Anglian Daily Times 2179 issues, 10160 pages
Irish News and Belfast Morning News 4990 issues, 39906 pages
Irish Society (Dublin) 535 issues, 14684 pages
Leinster Independent 24 issues, 192 pages
Rutland Echo and Leicestershire Advertiser 516 issues, 3968 pages
Shipping and Mercantile Gazette 6262 issues, 38038 pages
Sligo Journal 1824 issues, 7298 pages
Sligo Observer 116 issues, 458 pages


We have also added pages to the following 27 titles.  Click on a title to learn more about it.  You can keep up to date with all new additions by clicking here.
Aldershot Military Gazette
Banffshire Journal and General Advertiser
Bell’s Life in London and Sporting Chronicle
Bolton Evening News
Boston Guardian
Carlisle Express and Examiner
Dublin Evening Mail
Eastbourne Gazette
Faringdon Advertiser and Vale of the White Horse Gazette
Freeman’s Journal
Hampshire Chronicle
Illustrated Police News
Jarrow Express
John o’ Groat Journal
Liverpool Echo
Middlesex Chronicle
Montgomeryshire Express
Nottingham Journal
Oxford Times
Pall Mall Gazette
Poor Man’s Guardian
Sheffield Daily Telegraph
Sheffield Weekly Telegraph
Skegness Standard
Sporting Life
Weekly Irish Times
West London Observer


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  • I got such a good information on this topic it’s very interesting one. You made a good site and giving us such a great information on this topic it’s amazing.

    • Thank you! We loving getting feedback and are thrilled that you enjoy the website. We’ll share similar blog posts throughout the year highlighting new additions to The Archive so be sure to check back in!

  • After several years still nothing of the Torquay times or Herald Express added 🙁 beginning to think we are a forgotten town. Thank god I never made a subscription!

  • Are you likely to move the Newbury Weekly News up the waiting list any time soon? I’ve enjoyed pursuing the good, the bad and the ugly (warts and all) on my paternal side from the West Country to the Black Country, but I’d love to see Newbury news as I reckon it’s likely to cover north Hampshire, just over the border., and throw some light on my maternal history.

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