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175th anniversary of the Illustrated London News

First edition of the Illustrated London News

    Illustrated London News


On 14 May 1842, 175 years ago today, the Illustrated London News, the world’s first illustrated newspaper, debuted.  Founded by Herbert Ingram of Lincolnshire, the paper was a pioneer in pictorial journalism.  The British Newspaper Archive is proud to hold more than 7,000 issues of the Illustrated London News across its 161-year run for you to explore.


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From its inaugural edition, the editors were confident in their endeavour.

‘We take the world of newspapers by storm, and flaunt a banner on which the words “Illustrated News” become symbols of a fresher purpose, and a more enlarged design, than was ever measured in that hemisphere till now’.

Illustrated London News | Saturday 14 May 1842




The renowned publication covered a wide range of events across the globe including politics, war, science, art, and culture.  It often dedicated full features to the latest technology and innovations, printed illustrations of discoveries such as King Tutankhamen’s tomb, committed special attention to the royal family, and, in later years, dedicated a yearly issue to the monarchy.


Royal Issue of the Illustrated London News, 1992
Illustrated London News | Wednesday 01 July 1992


In May 1842, the Illustrated London News launched the same week as Queen Victoria’s first masquerade ball.  The edition gave significant coverage to the event with detailed illustrations by John Gilbert.

Queen Victoria's Masked Ball, 1842
Illustrated London News | Saturday 14 May 1842


Only moments before it was to go to press, the editors received news of a devastating fire in the city of Hamburg.  There was not enough time to dispatch an artist, so the paper contacted the British Museum for a copy of an engraving of the city.  Using the engraving, an artist created an interpretation of the fire.  The paper wanted to prove that it was a source for current news.  However, after this event, the paper strived to ensure this was not a reoccurring practice, and illustrations were created from eye witnesses.

Fire in city of Hamburg, 1842, Illustrated London News
Illustrated London News | Saturday 14 May 1842



The Illustrated London News was printed every Saturday.  Initially, it cost sixpence and by the time it finished in May 2003, it cost £2.50.  The first issue sold 26,000 copies and quickly grew in popularity.  In 1851, its circulation was up of 130,000 and increased to 200,000 during its coverage of the Crimean War.  During the war, the first war artist, Constantin Guys, submitted illustrations from the front line.  Along with talented artists, the Illustrated London News attracted talented writers.  Contributors included the following:

‘Walter Besant, Robert Louise Stevenson, George Merdith, Thomas Hardy, J M Barrie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Rudyard Kiplin.  G K Chesterton wrote “Our Notebook” for 31 years and was succeeded, for more than 40 years, by Arthur Bryant.’


By the 1970s, the paper’s readership was declining, and to combat financial difficulties, it reduced its publication from weekly issues to once a month.  In 1981, it further cut back its publication to four times a year.  In 1992, the paper celebrated its 150-year anniversary with a commemorative issue.  The edition looked at the paper’s long history of reporting by each decade.  The commemorative issue took a look at the world’s growing passion for sports and the rising demand for art, as well as reviewing its own origins.

Illustrated London News 150th edition
Illustrated London News | Friday 01 May 1992


The final issue of the Illustrated London News was printed in May 2003.

Illustrated London News last edition May 2003
Illustrated London News | Thursday 01 May 2003


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Classic Illustrated London News images

The Civil War in America, Saturday 29 August 1863

American Civil War
Illustrated London News | Saturday 29 August 1863




Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee, Saturday 25 June 1887

Queen Victoria's golden Jubilee, Illustrated London News
Illustrated London News | Saturday 25 June 1887



From pavement chalking to arson, window breaking, and bombing: the progress of militant suffragism, Saturday 24 May 1913


Militant suffragettes Illustrated London News
Illustrated London News | Saturday 24 May 1913



Patriotic demonstrations before the royal residence in London on the night of the declaration of war, Saturday 08 August 1914

First World War declaration of war
Illustrated London News | Saturday 08 August 1914



Anglo-Irish treaty signed 6 December 1921, Saturday 10 December 1921

Anglo-Irish treaty, Illustrated London News
Illustrated London News | Saturday 10 December 1921



Destruction after a German attack on London, 14 September 1940

Images from the Battle of Britain, Illustrated London News
Illustrated London News | Saturday 14 September 1940



VE-Day celebrations outside Buckingham Palace, Saturday 19 May 1945

VE-Day celebrations in England
Illustrated London News | Saturday 19 May 1945 



Opening ceremony of the 1948 Olympics at Wembley Stadium, 7 August 1948

Opening ceremony 1948 Olympics
Illustrated London News | Saturday 07 August 1948



Painting to Eiffel Tower, 6 September 1969


Eiffel Tower
Illustrated London News | Saturday 06 September 1969


Margaret Thatcher as the leader of the conservative party, 1 May 1979

Margaret Thatcher May 1979
Illustrated London News | Tuesday 01 May 1979



Birth of Prince Harry, 1 November 1984

Birth of Prince Harry
Illustrated London News | Thursday 01 November 1984


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