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Hot off the Press – Papers added this week

This week we’re bringing you 164,804 new pages from thirty-two newspapers from Ireland and the UK held in the collections of the British Library.  This week our five brand new titles are: The Kilburn Times published in London; The Northern Constitution, also known as The Coleraine Constitution, published in Londonderry, Ireland; The Southend Standard and Essex Weekly Advertiser from Southend-on-Sea in Essex; The Staffordshire Chronicle from the county town of Stafford in Staffordshire and Wharfdale & Airdale Observer which was published in Otley, West Yorkshire.

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Kilburn Times 1905
Northern Constitution 1877-1887
Southend Standard and Essex Weekly Advertiser 1873-1874, 1878, 1880-1888, 1890-1891
Staffordshire Chronicle 1887-1892, 1894-1896
Wharfedale & Airedale Observer 1880, 1900-1901, 1906-1907


This week we also added new issues to twenty-seven existing titles.  We’ve added more pages to three of our new titles from last week.  The Ilford Recorder, Nelson Leader and Northwich Guardian have all had new years added.

We are also diligently filling gaps in some of our long-standing titles. All of this week’s titles come from the holdings of the British Library, and as always we are subject to copyright restrictions when publishing.  This means that we do not publish material that is less than 107 years old without publisher permission.

You can learn more about each of the titles we have added to this week by clicking on their names below. On each paper’s title page you can learn more about our holdings and our plans for digitisation.

You can keep up to date with all the latest additions by visiting the recently added page.  You can even discover what we’re going to add tomorrow!

Eastern Evening News 1883, 1900-1904
Ballymena Observer 1951-1957
Ballymena Weekly Telegraph 1896-1902
Boston Guardian 1938
Brighton Gazette 1877, 1889
Catholic Standard 1933-1936, 1938-1949, 1951-1957
Glasgow Evening Post 1884, 1892-1893, 1895
Ilford Recorder 1905
Irish Society (Dublin) 1919
Isle of Wight County Press and South of England Reporter 1884, 1889, 1901-1902
Islington Gazette 1908-1910
Kentish Mercury 1872-1884
Lancashire Evening Post 1953-1957
Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin review; and Forfar and Kincardineshire advertiser. 1935-1951, 1953-1957
Nelson Leader 1940-1949, 1951, 1953-1957
Northern Constitution 1877-1887
Northwich Guardian 1872, 1879, 1885, 1900, 1905, 1907-1908, 1910
Nottingham Journal 1893
Rothesay Chronicle 1875-1877, 1879-1882, 1884-1892
Shields Daily News 1875-1876, 1879
Skegness Standard 1922
Southern Echo 1891-1895
Watford Observer 1879-1886, 1898-1900
Weston-super-Mare Gazette, and General Advertiser 1901-1902
Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 1890, 1902-1910, 1912-1918
Yarmouth Independent 1895, 1938
Yarmouth Mercury 1880


3 comments On Hot off the Press – Papers added this week

  • On seeing the latest additions, it is disappointing that the BL and the British Newspaper Archive seem to have more or less given upon 18th century titles. The vey ones that are hardest to find and in greatest need of being saved.

    • Hello Peter, thanks for your comment. Rest assured, we’ve not forgotten about 18th century titles! They do involve a bit more work, so updates do take longer. Keep checking back for more updates.

  • This is extraordinary! I’ve found out so many interesting stories about my family using your archives (including the potential murder or suicide of the family’s servant in the late 19th Century). I’ve also traced my ship captain ancestor’s travels around the world using Lloyd’s List and Shipping and Mercantile Gazette among others. Any word on when these two titles will include editions beyond 1884 and 1879, respectively? I’m anxious to discover more about my great great grandfather’s sea voyages up until his death in Mauritius in 1892. Thanks again for all your amazing work!

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