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Hot off the press – titles added this week

This week we added 93,698 new pages to the Archive.  We added two brand new titles and additional pages to 14 existing titles.  For our brand new titles this week we are particularly delighted to announce the addition of The Illustrated War News for the First World War.  We have also added the Colchester Gazette for Essex, a paper still in circulation today.  Our additions this week included adding new years to several of our Welsh titles, and to the Volunteer Service Gazette and Military Dispatch and the Poor Law Unions’ Gazette.

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The Illustrated War News is an incomparable resource for imagery of the First World War.  The publication includes images from both the battle and home-fronts.  Whether your interest is in the famous battles of Ypres or the Somme, the contribution of women to the war effort, or how rationing affected the home-front, this publication is an essential resource.

By clicking on the titles below, you can discover more about these brand new titles. Details will include the publication range and what we plan to add to The Archive in the future.

Years added
Colchester Gazette 1877, 1879
Illustrated War News 1914-1918


With this week’s additions we’ve added to the Newry Reporter for Ireland, and the ‘booksellers newspaper’ The Globe. We have also added to nine of our existing Welsh titles, including two Welsh language titles: Y Genedl Gymreig and Y Goleuad.

The addition of further years to The Poor Law Unions’ Gazette may help you discover relatives who absconded from their families, and give you insight into the workings of community care before social welfare and the NHS.

Years added
Carmarthen Weekly Reporter 1886-1891, 1894
Globe 1830-1833
Newry Reporter 1872-1910
North Wales Times 1895-1896, 1901-1910
Penarth Chronicle and Cogan Echo 1893
Pontypool Free Press 1870-1871, 1879, 1894-1896, 1898-1903, 1905-1909
Poor Law Unions’ Gazette 1868-1874
Potter’s Electric News 1858
Rhyl Record and Advertiser 1887, 1901-1902
South Wales Daily Post 1897
Volunteer Service Gazette and Military Dispatch 1864-1869, 1871-1877, 1879-1880, 1882-1884, 1886-1903
Wrexham Guardian and Denbighshire and Flintshire Advertiser 1869-1874
Y Genedl Gymreig 1901-1909
Y Goleuad 1888, 1890, 1892, 1895

Check out our latest additions and see what is being added to The Archive tomorrow.

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