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Hot off the press – new titles added this week

This week we have added 91,496 pages to The Archive.  We have added four brand new titles, and updated six existing titles.  This week we’ve added social and satirical titles for the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  These titles offered light relief, political commentary, and all the day’s gossip and fashion.


Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday – Saturday 30 January 1886

Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday ‘being a selection, side-splitting, sentimental, and serious for the benefit of old boys, young boys, odd boys generally, and even girls’ featured a cast of cartoon characters headed up by the eponymous Ally Sloper.  The paper used cartoons and caricatures to comment on the news of the day.  A product of its times, the ‘half-holiday’ referred to the Saturday afternoon half-days of the working classes, their only real time off.  The newspaper, or comic, as it probably better described, was extremely popular and produced spin-off merchandise and a fan club.

Pearson’s Weekly hosted an eclectic mix of material ‘to interest, to elevate, to amuse’ including science fiction.  On 12 June 1897 the paper began publishing HG Wells’ Invisible Man.  The story was published over several weeks.  The paper combined serialised fiction with quizzes and prize giveaways to ensure a loyal readership.

Clifton Society published ‘fashion, sport, social events’ for Clifton, Redland and Bristol in the south-west of England. Clifton and Redland were wealthy suburbs of Bristol and the newspaper catered to their tastes and aspirations.  The paper published news of local social events and the goings on at the royal court.

New titles
Years added
Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday 1885-1896
Clifton Society 1891-1892, 1894-1897, 1899-1916
Pearson’s Weekly 1891-1911
St. Neots Chronicle and Advertiser 1855-1873, 1875-1886

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Updated titles
Years added
Birmingham Daily Gazette 1926, 1931
Birmingham Daily Post 1973, 1979
East Anglian Daily Times 1910
Lloyd’s List 1889
Shipping and Mercantile Gazette 1880-1881
The Sportsman 1911





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  • The bankruptcy court hearing of my great grandfather George Lovelock in August 1909, is one of a host of family findings I have come across in the Hampshire Chronicle. But now I need 1910 onwards to be done by yourselves please, because I know the business continued afterwards yet I cannot see how it could have done so, financially – George had nothing. Hence I need to get hold of more Hampshire Chronicle please. Keep up the great work, really enjoy searching stuff out.

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