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Spring fashion

With the change of seasons comes a change in wardrobe. Explore the stylings of spring fashion from The British Newspaper Archive.

Explore spring fashion trends throughout the years.

11 March 1964
11 March 1964
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  • Love this series of A-bodied Darts and Valiants. They will rust down below on salted roads. Here”s a crazy story. In 1990, my wife had one as a daily driver, and we took it up to Milwaukee to see her folks. The leaf springs were getting weak, so I put some “helper springs on it before we took off. I told her that as long as we didn”t hit any bad “undulating roads, we”d be fine. That undulating road came on the Skyway in Chicago. Up and down we went until the back half of the left leaf spring broke loose of the axle. So, there we were, on the Skyway, with the leaf spring hanging down, dragging into the pavement, and the left side of the body was sitting on the axle. . My wife was 7 months pregnant. So I crept to the nearest exit, found a muffler shop on the “South Side of Chicago, and the guy burned off the dangling spring (no charge). Along Lakeshore drive we crept until we got up to Evanston, where I realized that if the front half of that spring let go, the axle was gonna come off the car. We pulled over at some restaurant/bar on 41, and I ordered a drink straightaway. The only shop nearby was a guy who specialized in the Citroen SM. He was nice enough to take the car, and sourced some new springs for it, and we returned about a week later to get the car. My wife”s Mother came down from Milwaukee in her ”73 2002 Roundie to get us. All this before cell phones and GPS. Ah good times. 8

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