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Hot Off The Press – New Titles This Week

This week we are delighted to welcome 71,598 additional pages to The Archive, as well as five brand new titles. Two of these titles, the Wakefield Express and the South Notts Echo, originate in England, while the the other three, the Leinster Reporter, the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald, and the Times of India are spread out across Ireland, Wales and India respectively.

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The Wakefield Express augments last week’s influx of Yorkshire titles. First published in 1852, this weekly broadsheet published from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, carrying everything from advertisements and local news to literary extracts. In 1952, one hundred years after its inception, director Lindsay Graham made a documentary about the paper’s printing process, which offers some first-hand insight into working life of the mid-20th century. Wakefield Express continues publishing as a tabloid.

Wakefield Express12 January 1918

The Times of India adds to the Calcutta Gazette in our growing list of Indian titles on the archive. First published in 1838 under its original title The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, this bi-weekly English language paper (which became a daily in 1850) reported on news from all across India, the UK, and the rest of the world, and continues publishing to this day as the third largest newspaper in the country, with a daily circulation of 2,640,770.

In 1860, editor Robert Knight merged the paper with the Bombay Standard and a year later changed the name to Times of India. Knight championed an independant press and freedom from governmental or corporate coercion. This throws a sharp contrast onto more recent years, where the Times of India ran into some controversy for being the first in India to accommodate ‘paid news’whereby companies, politicians or other individuals have the means to pay for promience and favourable coverage and thus undercut the credibility of journalism.

We currently have a collection of years between 1861 and 1888 available in our archive, and will be looking to add to this in the coming weeks.

times of india, newspaper, continent,

Times of India | 18 May 1861

Rounding off this week’s non-English titles is Welsh paper the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald, a liberal broadsheet circulated in Wales, London, Liverpool and Manchester, and Irish title the Leinster Reporter.

In this week’s fascinating blog we explore some of the contemporary critiques and reactions to modernist writers in the 1920s. In a series of essays in 1926 entitled Transition, novelist Edwin Muir identified the writers who he felt were ‘influencing the development of literature’; among them, authors such as Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence.

By using pages in our archives, we’ve looked at the reactions to these writers who were considered progressive, experimental and divisive voices of their day, and whose work continues to reverberate through the decades. From Woolf, who was generally considered in a positive light and a writer at ‘the very foremost of living British writers.’ (Dundee Evening Telegraph, October 1929) to the likes of Lawrence, who would have books banned for being too sensual, this is an engaging and insightful delve into the literary past.

Graphic | 26 October 1929

Title Years Added
Leinster Reporter 1897-1925, 1927-1928
Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald 1850-1872, 1874-1877, 1897
Times of India 1861-1865, 1867-1888
Wakefield Express 1879, 1892, 1897-1898, 1902, 1911, 1918
South Notts Echo 1919-1923, 1927-1939

This week we have no updated titles.

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