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Celebrating Princess Kouka and Her Forgotten Film Legacy

In the late 1930s a newcomer made her way onto British cinema screens: Princess Kouka. From Sudan, Princess Kouka, born Tahia Ibrahim Belal, had been spotted by film producer Walter Futter, who was determined for her to appear in his next film. Using newspapers from the time, we uncover the legacy of this largely forgotten film star, who travelled to Britain and impressed audiences across the country. ‘A Notable Newcomer’ On 18 December 1936 London’s Daily News reported on the

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26 November 1922 – Howard Carter and Lord Caernavon peeked into Tutankhamun’s Tomb…

‘Can you see anything?’ – Lord Caernavon ‘Yes, wonderful things…’ – Howard Carter On 26 November 1922, Howard Carter & Lord Caernavon peeked into Tutankhamun’s Tomb and glimpsed the pharoah’s treasure by candlelight. Here is a historical newspaper story that reports on this magical moment.       Subscribe today and discover history as it happened    


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