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Gardening in June

Flowers in Britannia and Eve

“Flowers seem to be intended for the solace of humanity”, wrote John Ruskin: “children love them; tender, cultivated people love them as they grow”. ‘Treasury of Summer’ | Britannia and Eve | 1 July 1950 Gardening can prove a useful and enjoyable distraction during challenging times. In June 1940, during the midst of the Second World War, the beauty of local gardens inspired mixed emotions. The spring of 1940 and the early summer have been far more beautiful than usual,

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Gardens Through The Year

                      In 1979 The Illustrated London News published a series of artworks illustrating gardens throughout the year.  This delightful series showcased gardens and artists alike.  Click on the images to enlarge and enjoy interpretations of famous gardens such as Kew and Kensington from artists such as Martin Leman and Katy Sleight.  


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