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Migration and Shipping Titles

Emigrant leaving the harbour. The Graphic. October 1891

    The British Newspaper Archives holds a unique collection of newspapers.  Along with local and national papers, you will find a number of speciality titles.   Here are some of the titles we hold that focus on the themes of migration and shipping. The Homeward Mail from India, China, and the East First published on 1 January 1857 by Messrs. Smith, Elder, & Co. this title is a compendium of political, military, and economic news from the East. A predominant part of

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Shipping News: The Launch of HMS Warrior – London, 29 December 1860

HMS Warrior

‘A black vicious ugly customer as ever I saw, whale-like in size, and with as terrible a row of incisor teeth as ever closed on a French frigate’ – Charles Dickens HMS Warrior, the Royal Navy’s first ocean-going ironclad warship, was launched in London on 29 December 1860. Included below is a report of the launch that was published in the Liverpool Daily Post of 31 December 1860 and an illustration of the vessel as she appeared just after completion.

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