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New Features

Our web team has been working hard to add extra features to the newspaper archive website.

Highlighting Your Search Words in the Newspaper Article
One of these new features is highlighting the first 10 occurrences of your search phrase within the article. So, for example, if your search is ’Charge of the Light Brigade‘, the words ’Charge‘, ’Light and ’Brigade‘ will be highlighted in light blue (small words like ’the‘ and ’a‘ are not included), thereby helping you to read the relevant section of the article more quickly.

The ’Viewer Minimap’
Another new feature on the site is the ’Viewer Minimap‘. Next time you view a page, check out the wee box in the bottom right-hand corner called ’Where am I?‘ If you click this box, you‘ll see a black rectangle (with a solid, black outline) which shows where you are on the newspaper page. So if you ever lose your bearings when viewing a large page, this is a great wee tool for quickly getting an idea of where you are. In short, you could describe this feature as being an interactive ’You are here‘ map (‘interactive’, because it follows you around!).

We‘re always looking for ways to improve the website and plan to add more user-helpful features in the near future.


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