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The Killing of Jesse James – St Joseph, Missouri, 3 April 1882

Out West short story
Illustration from ‘Out West’ by Walter Grogan’, Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News | 10 June 1905

Jesse James, outlaw, bank robber, train robber and murderer, was gunned down at his home in St Joseph, Missouri, on 3 April 1882.

Aged only 34, James was shot in the back of the head by Bob Ford, who was a fellow member of the James’ Gang – Ford was looking to claim the $5,000 reward that had been set on James (interestingly, there was a massive reward on Ford, too)

The story of the trial, conviction, sentence and full pardon of Bob Ford is a jaw-dropping story in itself.  So to mark the day, here are two newspaper stories from 1882 that report on this famous episode in American history.

The death of Jesse James
Dundee Courier | 24 April 1882


Jesse James
Portsmouth Evening News | 22 April 1882


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