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Hot off the press – New Titles week of 19 June

Tempted though we were by the beautiful weather this week, we didn’t shirk our duties to our readers. This week we’ve added 102,418 pages to the Archive.  We’ve added another two brand-new titles this week, bringing the number of newspapers on the site to an impressive 772.

Joining the archive this week are the The Catholic Standard and the Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette.

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The Catholic Standard describes itself as An Irish Organ of Catholic Opinion.  We plan to bring you issues from 1928 to 1959.  We have started our collection with issues from 1937.  A weekly paper, the 4 June issue reveals the standoff between the Catholic Church and the Nazi party.

The Croydon Guardian and Surrey County Gazette joins our substantial collection of papers published in London and six other Surrey papers.  We intend bringing you issues from 1877 to 1913 for this weekly newspaper.

We’ve also added pages to 18 existing titles.  You can learn more about each one by clicking on their names below. On each paper’s title page you can learn more about our holdings and our plans for digitisation.

You can keep up to date with all the latest additions by visiting the recently added page.  You can even discover what we’re going to add tomorrow!


Years Added
Cork Examiner 1903-1904, 1908-1910
Coventry Herald 1940
Durham County Advertiser 1897
East Anglian Daily Times 1902
Eastern Evening News 1886-1888, 1890-1896, 1898-1899, 1906-1909
Glasgow Evening Citizen 1879, 1881, 1886, 1890
Glasgow Evening Post 1881, 1883, 1887, 1890
Herts Advertiser 1897
Inverness Courier 1871-1884, 1886-1890
Isle of Wight Observer 1908-1909, 1920-1922
Leeds Mercury 1937-1938
Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin review; and Forfar and Kincardineshire advertiser. 1927, 1931-1934
Nottingham Journal 1874
Sheffield Daily Telegraph 1916-1917
Watford Observer 1872-1878, 1887-1897, 1901-1909
Wigan Observer and District Advertiser 1855-1858, 1861-1876, 1879-1888, 1891-1895, 1898-1901
Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser 1915
Yorkshire Evening Press 1888


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1 comments On Hot off the press – New Titles week of 19 June

  • I wrote some time ago requesting that your coverage of West Somerset could be improved and I am happy now to have been able to use the West Somerset Free Press – thank you for putting it into the system. I would like to mention, however, that a large part of the Somerset coastal area is still not covered by any newspaper, that is, the stretch which centres around Bridgwater. The latter was an important maritime trading centre besides being an industrial and market town. As far as I can tell from my Somerset researches this area is the only part of Somerset to have virtually no coverage. I used to be able to study Bridgwater papers in your old Hendon search room so the current lacuna is much regretted.
    I know that you have your reasons for so doing, but I am probably not the first user to observe that the practice of releasing odd batches of dates from a run of a particular publication is a real nuisance when trying to deal with a topic systematically. It means having to go back over one’s research every now and then to check out any odd recent additions. Is it preferable even to delay adding patchy runs until they are more less complete?

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