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Cookery Corner – Summer Fruit

Blackberry picking
Blackberry-picking time | Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News | 3 September 1943

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, you’ll want to make sure you eat up all your ripe fruit before their season ends.


Blackberry-based recipes make the perfect end-of-summer treats; some of the most prevalent blackberry-themed treats we’ve found numerous recipes for are blackberry-and-apple-based jams or jellies, blackberry fool, and blackberry shortcake.

popular blackberry recipes
Popular blackberry recipes | Lancashire Evening Post | 26 September 1932


The Linlithgowshire Gazette assures us that the efforts gone to in picking blackberries are well worth it. They also include recipes for blackberry jam, blackberry and apple jelly, and blackberry wine.

Been blackberrying? | Linlithgowshire Gazette | 4 September 1936

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Blackberry crop
Don’t neglect the blackberry! | The Bystander | 11 September 1940

The Aberdeen Press and Journal, on 1 August 1921, wrote of the great benefits of blackberries:

Blackberries contain more iron than the majority of fruits, and in consequence act as a tonic and blood purifier. The roots of the bush form the basis for most dysentery medicines, and old-fashioned blackberry cordial is useful not only in cases of diarrhea, but in throat troubles, correcting and toning up delicate throats.

Aberdeen Press and Journal | 1 August 1921

The article goes on to describe how best to consume these ‘cool and inviting’ berries: mainly, in a shortcake or in a ‘good steamed dessert’! These suggestions are followed up with recipes for pulling off these treats.

Blackberry benefits
Benefits of and recipes for blackberries | Aberdeen Press and Journal | 1 August 1921

As part of the charmingly out-dated section ‘The Woman’s Realm’, the Diss Express printed some delicious-sounding recipes for when blackberries are ripe: blackberry meringue, blackberry fool, blackberry and apple mould, blackberry wine, and blackberry and apple jam.

Blackberry recipes
Blackberry recipes from ‘Woman’s Realm’ | Diss Express | 24 September 1926

If facing off with food in your kitchen sometimes feel like a war zone, take a page from the column ‘Winning the War in the Kitchen’ and explore these delectable dishes, which include not just the standard jam and meringue but also a blackberry and pear salad, a blackberry and apple curd, and a blackberry ginger pudding.

Blackberries in kitchen
Winning the war in the kitchen with blackberry recipes | Fife Free Press, & Kirkcaldy Guardian | 21 September 1940

Not all dishes are created equally, of course, and sometimes recipes go awry (this recipe for blackberry pickle comes immediately to mind). However, we have you covered if you end up with a less-than-desirable dish: homemade blackberry wine! (And you don’t even need to limit yourself to blackberry wine as it includes recipes for elderberry wine and ginger wine.)

Homemade wines
Homemade wines | Britannia and Eve | 1 October 1931

There is much more to be discovered in the newspapers — this has only been a small sample of all the blackberry-related recipes out there, there’s still such favourites as blackberry syrup and blackberry soufflé to explore!

Check out some ‘seasonable dishes for summer weather’


If blackberries aren’t your thing, don’t fret! We’ve found some mouth-watering apricot-based recipes that are sure to excite your palate.

Apricots stuffed with hazelnuts
Apricots stuffed with hazelnuts | Britannia and Eve | 1 August 1929

If you’re finding that the summer heat is getting to you, why not try a refreshing homemade apricot (or raspberry!) ice cream?

Apricot ice cream
Apricot ice cream | The Bystander | 12 August 1908

Or, if you’re not in the mood for ice cream, how about an inviting gâteau with apricots?

Gâteau with apricots
Gâteau with apricots | The Bystander | 6 August 1919

The dessert combinations with apricots seem endless; here are recipes for cream cakes and a currant pudding.

Apricot cream cakes
Apricot cream cakes | The Bystander | 16 June 1920
Apricot currant pudding
Apricot currant pudding | The Bystander | 13 November 1912


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Cherries are one of our favourite summer fruits. Thankfully, our newspapers did not disappoint in the cherry-based recipe department.

Cherries in season
Recipes for cherries in season | The Tatler | 4 July 1956


Tempting cherry recipes
Tempting cherry recipes | Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs | 11 July 1913


Summer sweets cherries
Summer sweets, some attractive cherry recipes | Belfast News-Letter | 14 August 1937

Let’s not forget our cousins across the Atlantic – the Birmingham Mail printed some cherry recipes from America for making cobblers, pies, and dumplings.

American cherry recipes
Cherry recipes from America | Birmingham Mail | 24 July 1939


Cherry recipes
Cherry salad, cherry sponge, and banana and cherry macedoine
Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser | 27 June 1907


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