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Hot off the press – titles added this week

In the last week we have added new content to six existing titles on The British Newspaper Archive. These additions totaled 92,542 pages!

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Poor Law Union Gazette
A great resource that can provide you with rich details including an individual’s occupation, age, physical description, and family members.

New content added

The six titles that have been updated can be seen in the chart below. You can click on the titles, which will take you to the title’s landing page.

Title Years added
Aberdeen Evening Express 1958-1965
Aberdeen Press and Journal 1963-1965
Athletic News 1878, 1900
Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) 1894, 1896-1897, 1899, 1903-1909
Poor Law Unions’ Gazette 1888, 1901
The Sportsman 1918-1919

The Aberdeen Press and Journal dates back to 1747 when it was called, simply, the Aberdeen Journal. Our holdings currently range from 1748 to 1965, with some gap years. Over the lifespan of this newspaper, the paper has undergone several name changes, which can be seen on the landing page for this title. We plan to digitise the entire run from 1747 to 2001.

We continue to build our holdings of sports-related newspapers with the recent additions to the Manchester-based Athletic News for the years 1878 and 1900 and to The Sportsman for 1918 and 1919.

League Football
Features of Saturday’s League Football | Athletic News | 11 September 1911

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3 comments On Hot off the press – titles added this week

  • Good morning.
    I am curious to know what proportion of your digitized holdings relate to Scotland. I believe that Scottish residents account for only about 10% of the total population of the UK, yet there seem to be Scottish additions all the time while there are some huge voids of coverage in England. I realise that many people who do not live in Scotland have forebears in Scotland or an interest in Scottish history. This is not a complaint, I am merely curious about the relative sizes of your holdings for the various countries that make up the UK.

  • I wondered the same thing. I am considering a subscription but as my research is for 18th century England only and in particular London and yet there seems to be relatively little uploads in this area. I find this strange as so many newspapers were based in London and much of the history of our country was made in there.

  • I also have found significant gaps e.g. there are few uploads for Berkshire whilst more scarcely populated areas appear to have better coverage

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