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Your Guide to Historical Birmingham Newspapers

The British Newspaper Archive is an unrivalled resource when it comes to tracing local history. Where else would you find millions of forgotten stories from your street, town or city all documented and ready to be discovered? Take Birmingham for example. The Archive contains over 50,000 pages and and a varied range of titles from the UK’s ‘Second City’ and this guide will show you how to make the most of them.

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You can access our Birmingham newspapers quickly and easily from the homepage by selecting the West Midlands region from the map. Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu to select the West Midlands.

This will bring you to a search page with the West Midlands pre-selected under the county filter. From there, use the place filter to select Birmingham only. Our other filters (date, newspaper and recently added) will allow you to narrow your search even further. To view a complete list of all of our Birmingham titles, click ‘More Newspapers’ under the Newspaper filter.

The Archive features historical editions of major Brum papers still in existence today, including Birmingham Mail, as well as more obscure publications like the now-discontinued Sports Argus.

TOP TIP: To find out more about a specific newspaper, browse by title, select your paper of interest and you’ll be taken to it’s dedicated title page where you can see our current holdings and year coverage

We’ve listed our current crop of Birmingham newspapers below. Click on any image to be taken to the title page for that newspaper.

Aris’s Birmingham Gazette
Birmingham Chronicle









Birmingham Daily Gazette
Birmingham Daily Post









Birmingham Journal
Birmingham Mail









Evening Despatch
Sports Argus











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