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Winter holiday fashion

Unsure of what to wear for rockin’ around the Christmas tree? Or worried about finding that perfect gift of stylish fashion for a loved one? Concerned about keeping warm while on the slopes or simply embarking on some Christmas shopping? Fret not! Our newspapers are overflowing with advice and ideas for all your fashion concerns this holiday season.

Dressing for the occasion

Christmas country fashion
Christmas in the country | Britannia and Eve | 1 December 1937
Unruffled in holiday rush
Last minute rush finds you unruffled | The Tatler | 1 December 1954
Christmas frocks
Frocks for Christmas festivities | The Tatler | 24 December 1924
Fashions for Christmas
Fashions for Christmas | The Tatler | 18 December 1918
Youthful Christmas fashions
Youthful fashions for the Christmas parties | The Sketch | 23 December1931

Everyone is busily engaged making preparations for Christmas, and albeit it is essentially the children’s season, there are few of the older members of the community who do not thoroughly appreciate the many attractions en évidence in the immense emporiums in the metropolis and elsewhere. They are all in gala attire, there are luxurious fur coats for day and evening wear, magnificent evening gowns as well as simple affairs, beautiful jewellery, fascinating underwear, to say nothing of the array of toys.
Influence of Christmas | The Tatler | 30 November 1910

One wonders if the above mention of ‘fascinating underwear’ would apply to the lingerie mentioned in this article from 1922:

Lingerie and footwear
Lingerie and footwear | The Tatler | 29 November 1922

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Off to the slopes?

If winter sports appeal to you, be sure to bundle up appropriately! Remember, being sensible doesn’t mean one has to be unfashionable!

Winter sports
Winter sports | The Tatler | 22 December 1920
Winter sports fashion
Fashions for winter sports | Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News | 22 November 1924

From The Bystander, we see the result of effective outdoor attire: a happy holiday in the snow for all!

Ski fashion
Christmas news from Mürren | The Bystander | 6 January 1937

Bundled up with furs

One effective way to stave off the cold of winter was with furs. Plenty of advice can be found as to where and how one should acquire such furs:

Holiday furs
Furs | The Tatler | 23 November 1921

A fur-trimmed coat is spotted whilst Christmas shopping:

Dressed for Christmas shopping
Dressed for Christmas shopping | The Tatler | 2 December 1953

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