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To mark the centenary of the armistice that ended fighting during the First World War, throughout 2018, we are tweeting a historical newspaper front page from the same date 100 years ago. We’re delving into the British Newspaper Archive to bring you the daily news as it was reported a century ago, during one of the most momentous years in history. Follow us on Twitter and look for #1918Newspapers to stay up-to-date each day or keep track via our specially-designed tweet wall below.

1918’s Daily News


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  • Please note 11th November 2018, isn’t the Centenary of the end the First World War, it’s the Centenary of the Armistice. An Armistice is a cessation of fighting. Yes, that would have been great relief, but it wasn’t the end. It wasn’t until 28th June 1919, with the signing of the Peace Treaty in Versailles that the war ended. It was only then that celebrations took place in the UK to celebrate the end of the war – not before.

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