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Hot off the Press – New Titles this Week

This week we have added 131,950 new pages to The Archive. We have added ten new titles, which cover London and the counties of Cumbria, Cheshire, Lancashire and Oxfordshire. We have updated four of our existing titles too, which cover the county of Cumbria.

One of our new titles this week is the Norwood News, published thanks to our ongoing partnership with Trinity Mirror, now Reach plc. Editions from the Norwood News span the years 1868 to 1962, and feature local news stories from South London.

The late 1950s and early 1960s were a time of great change in daily life in the United Kingdom, something you can discover in the pages of the Norwood News. For example, 1959 saw London Transport decide to scrap trolleybuses, an electric bus that draws power from overhead posts.

Norwood News | 15 July 1960

The Norwood News laments the passing of the trolleybus in favour of its diesel-fueled alternative, with ‘dead overhead wires as their memorial.’ However, it does admit that the new buses will save both time and money, as trolleybuses, due to their sensitive electrical machinery, had to be washed by hand.

In March 1959 the 654 trolley made its final journey. Trolleybuses in the London area had made trips of over one million miles each. Vic Duke, who had been driving trolleys for over twenty years since their introduction in the 1930s, was at the wheel for its final journey.

Passengers did not seem to mourn the passing of the trolleybus, with Mrs Marie Kuhn of Upper Norwood stating after her first journey on bus number 154: “They’re much warmer and much more comfortable than the trolleybuses. The trolleys, which I have used for many years, were quite draughty and there wasn’t nearly so much leg room in them.”

Norwood News | 06 March 1959

New Titles


Years Added
Norwood News 1868-1872, 1875-1945, 1959-1962
Westmorland Advertiser and Kendal Chronicle 1812-1821, 1823-1826, 1833
Hyde & Glossop Weekly News, and North Cheshire Herald 1860-1874
Soulby’s Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer 1849-1874
Lakes Herald 1880-1904
Henley & South Oxford Standard 1885, 1891, 1893-1911
Ulverston Mirror and Furness Reflector 1860-1885
Henley Advertiser 1884-1906
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 1892-1895, 1897-1901
Workington Star 1888-1910

This week we have updated some of our recently added titles.

You can learn more about each of the titles we have added to this week by clicking on their names. On each paper’s title page, you can read a FREE sample issue, learn more about our current holdings, and our plans for digitisation.

Years Added
English Lakes Visitor 1893
Maryport Advertiser 1886
Millom Gazette 1900-1933
West Cumberland Times 1874-1875, 1878-1883, 1887

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  • When are you producing more south east papers?
    Otherwise all excellent, keep up the good work
    Regards David Patient

  • Please could you consider producing The Langport and Somerton Gazette, especially 1900 to 1925. I know you have had quite a lot of requests to do this.
    Many thanks

  • Its great you keep adding new papers to your large buffers but do we really need two full runs of Newcastle based papers added whilst top of the voting charts papers also as luck would have it also owned by Trinity Mirror, papers like the Liverpool Echo, Manchester Evening News and Stoke Sentinel keep getting looked over?? Is there a north east biased to this site?

  • Do you have any plans for producing more copies of the Southern Reporter beyond 1949. I have an interest in researching Scottish Border history especially Selkirk

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