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Hot Off The Press – New Titles This Week

This week we have added 55,918 new pages to The Archive. We have added seven new titles and updated seventeen of our existing titles.

Updated titles this week cover Cumbria, Ireland, Oxfordshire and Liverpool, and also include some of our military titles, such as the War Office Times and Naval Review, the War Savings and the Silver Bullet.

Our new titles this week cover a wide variety of subjects: from performing arts title The Showman to The New Crusader, which bills itself as a ‘A Journal of Enquiry for All Seekers After a New Way of Life.’ Published during the First World War, The New Crusader is a Christian publication which promotes the mission for peace, ‘Because it is wrong to go on fighting.’

We have also published two new military titles. The N.T.F. In Aid of British Prisoners is a publication, approved by Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, sold in aid of prisoners of war in Germany, whilst The Broad Arrow is paper publishing information relating to the services.

Two of our new publications this week centre on the work of women, albeit in two contrasting spheres of labour: the Deliverer And Record Of Salvation Army Rescue Work and the Landswoman.

The Deliverer and Record of Salvation Army Rescue Work describes the work of female Salvation Army members across the world. It includes profiles and photographs of female recruits from India, Sri Lanka and London, and details the wide-ranging charitable activities of the organisation, from children’s homes in Clapton to old peoples’ homes in Norway.

Deliverer and Record of Salvation Army Rescue Work – 1 September 1912

The Deliverer and Record of Salvation Army Rescue Work also contains compelling accounts of those who have come ‘face to face with some of the results of sin,’ sometimes the sins of other people, or other times those committed by themselves. One such tale is that of a Milanese dressmaker, who was in the habit of taking goods from her master, frequenting the ballroom and spending her ‘time idly in eating-houses.’ Upon realising the error of her ways, the unnamed female enlists with the Salvation Army to ‘consecrate [herself] for the Salvation of other poor girls.’ You can read her story here.

The Landswoman, first published in 1918, was the journal of the Land Army and Women’s Institute. The Women’s Land Army was formed during the First World War with the aim of supplementing the depleted agricultural workforce.

The idea of women taking on what had always been male work was revolutionary at the time, and the Landswoman highlights the difficulties that women faced. If the hard physical labour was not enough, women workers had to endure ‘the reluctance of the farmers to employ them…[and] the aloofness of the villagers.’

Landswoman | 1 December 1918

The Landswoman was therefore published with the hopes of it becoming a support mechanism for members of the Land Army who had ‘little chance for rest or recreation.’ It aimed to be a ‘companion,’ hoping that workers ‘will talk to one another through its pages.’

In its pages, the Landwoman offers a fascinating glimpse into life in the Land Army, with pictures showing workers engaged in ploughing matches, thatching stacks and harvesting potatoes. It abounds with adverts specifically aimed at female farm hands – from the must have boots, to the best face cream for all weathers.

Landswoman | 1 January 1918

The Landswoman chronicles the ultimate success of the Land Army initiative, so much so that it was famously revived during the Second World War.

“Honest strenuous work has won the day for women with the farmer…women’s physical endurance and manual labour have earned the respect of the villagers, disarmed their reserve, and winning their confidence.”

New Titles


Years Covered
Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser 1905, 1913-1919, 1930-1939, 1949-1957
The Showman 1900, 1902
New Crusader 1917-1919
N.T.F. In Aid Of British Prisoners 1918
Deliverer and Record of Salvation Army Rescue Work 1910-1918
Landswoman 1918-1920
Broad Arrow 1868-1869, 1871-1877, 1914-1917
Updated Titles

This week we have updated one of our recently added titles.

You can learn more about each of the titles we add to every week by clicking on their names. On each paper’s title page, you can read a FREE sample issue, learn more about our current holdings, and our plans for digitisation.

Years Covered
Liverpool Echo 1933-1936, 1949-1952, 1954, 1959
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 1869-1870
Westmorland Advertiser and Kendal Chronicle 1811, 1822
Wicklow People 1977-1979, 1983-1985, 2002-2005
Scottish Referee 1904, 1908
Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser 1867
Henley & South Oxford Standard 1886, 1889, 1892
Lakes Herald 1887
Norwood News 1873-1874, 1965
Lakes Chronicle and Reporter 1875
Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday 1923
Drogheda Argus and Leinster Journal 1914-1916, 1918-1919, 1921, 1923-1926
Irish Independent 1920, 2003
War Savings 1916-1918
War Office Times and Naval Review 1910-1913, 1915-1916
Social Gazette 1910-1917
Silver Bullet 1918-1919

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