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Hot off the Press – New Titles This Week

This week at The Archive we are thrilled to bring you 11 brand new titles and additions to 6 existing titles.  We have added 19,712 new pages from regional titles across Scotland and England.

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Five of our new titles come to us from across Scotland including a newspaper from Scotland’s most northern point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Shetland Isles.

The Shetland News

The Shetland News


The Shetland News was first published in 1855 and it did not profess bold aims or intentions but announced that for a long time there was a desire and need for some exponent of ideas and opinions of fellow Shetlanders.  The paper also wanted to present a more balanced opinion of Conservatism. They noted that ‘Liberals have the monopoly of virtue, ability, patriotism, and wisdom. That Conservatism is necessarily mean, morbid, stupid and iniquitous.  Such opinion we frequently see written by persons, who never for one moment seem to imagine that they are deliberately slandering a great proportion of their fellow-countrymen.”

Scottish Newspapers

The other brand new titles include the Kirkcaldy Times, from Scotland’s east coast.  In this issue from 1879, we found an ode to the most useful and yet most poorly rewarded officials in the Post Officer service, the letter carriers.

Our Postman, Kirkcaldy Times
Our Postman, Kirkcaldy Times


Further west in Scotland, we have brought you Helenburgh News.  The paper was founded in 1877 and finished in 1893.  It covered Helensburgh and the surrounding area including Dumbarton, Row, Clynder, Shandon, Kirn, and Dunoon.  Our other brand new Scottish titles are Northman and Northern Counties Advertiser and Kelso Mail.

Helensburgh News


New English Titles

Looking further south, we have 6 new English titles from Lancashire, Suffolk, London and Derbyshire.

Bolton Free Press

This week we are introducing the Bolton Free Press was founded in 1835 in Lancashire as a medium to boldly express the opinion of the liberal and thinking public.  It was an uncompromising assertor of popular rights and a defender of the advancement of society.

The Patriot

The Patriot

This London newspaper presented itself as a moral and philosophical repository for political thought.  It was first published on 3 April 1792 only months after Part Two of Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man.  The Patriot declared its business ‘to show what it is that constitutes Liberty, by the delineation of government in general, and our own excellent Constitution, or Form of Government, in particular.’  Its articles detailed and debated the nature of the Constitution, the origin of government and duties of civil liberty.

The paper was anonymously edited by Matthew Campbell Browne of Sheffield.  Browne was a strong advocate of Parliamentary reform and staunch Democrat.  He had attended the Edinburgh Convention on parliamentary reform and through The Patriot, he hoped to influence the reform of Parliament and an equal Representation of People.

We have published more than 1,800 pages of The Patriot.  The title page of the first issue carried an image of a cupid holding a Phrygian cap atop a pole with one hand.  In the 18th century, the Phrygian cap become a symbol of the pursuit of freedom and liberty.  In the other hand, cupid is holding a roll of the Magna Carta while the British lion sits in the background.

The Patriot Title Page


Title  Years Added
Middleton Albion 1893-1895
Newmarket Journal 1897, 1912
Patriot; or, Political, Moral, and Philosophical Repository Consisting of Original Pieces 1792-1793
Bootle Times 1887
Ashbourne Telegraph 1926
Shetland News 1885-1887, 1903, 1919
Kirkcaldy Times 1879, 1883, 1886, 1892
Northman and Northern Counties Advertiser 1881, 1884
Helensburgh News 1877, 1886, 1892
Kelso Mail 1869, 1881-1882, 1885
Bolton Free Press 1835, 1842-1846


Title Years Added
Daily Mirror 1921
Huddersfield Daily Chronicle 1897
Middlesex Chronicle 1990
Luton Times and Advertiser 1889
Kilmarnock Weekly Post and County of Ayr Reporter 1864-1865
Leicester Chronicle 1917



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