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Hot Off the Press – New Titles This Week

While many are enjoying the summer holidays, we are continuing to bring you thousands of newspaper pages every week.  This week we have added 371,962 pages.

We are celebrating the 90s with additions to 64 newspapers from Dover, Sutton Coldfield, Southall, Brent, Plymouth and more from 1990-1999. If you are feeling nostalgic, you can jump into these regional newspapers and take a journey back to the time of Margaret Thatcher, Doc Martens, the Spice Girls, and Mr Blobby.

You can now explore 6 brand-new newspapers available for the first time online including Trinidad Chronicle and Midland & Northern Coal & Iron Trades GazetteContinue reading to about how women working in the coal mines were viewed in the 19th century and discover the miscellaneous news found in regional newspapers.


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Coal and Iron trades

This week we have published over 10,000 pages of the Midland & Northern Coal & Iron Trades Gazette providing a fascinating insight into the history of the iron and mining industries.  Each issue is filled with news of commercial and industrial actions, regulations, and trade reports from counties around England and Wales.

In the issue dated 4 August 1875, the paper debated whether or not women should work in the mines.

‘Women’s work is cheaper than the men’… ‘the dress won by the women is degrading to the sex, and I believe that it drowns all sense of decency. They have breeches that fasten round the waist without braces, they have no stays on, and they have a petticoat, but it is tucked up behind, on their shoulders, they have a man’s jacket, if it is wet, if it is fair, nothing in the summer.  The women get as black and grimy as the men down the mines.’


Trinidad Gazette headline


With the Trinidad Chronicle, you will be able to discover the news from Britain for those living in Trinidad.  You can read the Chronicle from 1864-1885.  During that time Trinidad and Tobago were British colonies, but you can see the influence of the Spanish and French settlers.  The newspaper holds numerous articles about French politics and markets.  You will even come across articles written in Spanish.
Haltemprice & East Yorkshire Advertiser


Haltemprice & East Yorkshire Advertiser – We have brought you a weekly local newspaper from East Riding Yorkshire. Regional newspapers are a great source to get to know more about your local area.  In the Haltemprice & East Yorkshire Advertiser, you can uncover stories about a proposal for a new golf course or a row over 100 trees that were illegally felled on the land between Sullivan Way and Hessle Foreshore. We even revealed this beautiful announcement of Bill and Ida Fleming’s diamond in 1995.

Bill and Ida's diamond anniversary


Surrey Independent and Wimbledon Mercury was a regional newspaper published every Saturday.  It is filled with international and miscellaneous news such as how to make curried lentils.  If you are interested you can put ‘one teacupful of lentils, half teaspoon of salt, half teaspoonful of curry powder, three slices of onion, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  Place all in a stewpan, and cover with water, and cook until the stew be tender, taking care not to stir it very hard, as this would make it too pulpy.’

Recipe for curried lentils

We also found the story of Maynard James Harrison who was arrested on suspicion of murdering Lucy Sand.  If you’re interested in crime, you can follow this story in the crime records over on Findmypast.  The records revealed that Harrison was discharged from prison and the charges against him were dropped.



Leytonstone Express and Independent


The Leytonstone Express and Independent is another regional newspaper bringing us the news of  Wanstead, Snaresbrook, Woodford, Stratford, and Neighbourhood. You will discover the stories of the local school board and elections.  It also included some interesting book recommendations like this dictionary of Dickens characters.



Jarrow Guardian and Tyneside Reporter comes from the coal mining village in South Tyneside. The paper includes local and national news.  Some issues include extracts from Punch, the weekly satirical magazine.

Jarrow Guardian


Reading through the Jarrow Guardian gives us excellent examples of how international news is reported around the world.  The 6 January 1872 issue reported that ‘the New York grand jury has found some 15 indictments for felony against Tweed, and as many more against Connolly charging them with various crimes, arising out of Tammany frauds.’  William ‘Boss’ Tweed was the leader of the Tammany ring of New York, a group of corrupt politicians who defrauded the people of New York from their headquarters at Tammany Hall.


Trinidad Chronicle 1864-1885
Midland & Northern Coal & Iron Trades Gazette 1875-1884, 1886
Leytonstone Express and Independent 1877-1912
Jarrow Guardian and Tyneside Reporter 1872-1880, 1898, 1909-1910
Surrey Independent and Wimbledon Mercury 1882-1905
Haltemprice & East Yorkshire Advertiser 1995

This week we have added more fantastic pages to 64 titles.

Birmingham News 1994-1995
East Kent Gazette 1993-1994
Great Barr Observer 1995
Dover Express 1993-1994
Sutton Coldfield Observer 1992, 1994-1995
Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser 1994
Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 1995
Cannock Chase Post 1993, 1995
Boston Target 1994-1995
East Grinstead Observer 1994
Surrey Mirror 1993
Northampton Herald & Post 1993
Southport Visiter 1993
Long Eaton Advertiser 1904, 1999
Sleaford Target 1993
Staines Informer 1993-1994
Leatherhead Advertiser 1992
North Wales Weekly News 1993
Birmingham Daily Post 1996-1998
Sunbury & Shepperton Herald 1992-1993
Ruislip & Northwood Gazette 1993
Sports Argus 1981-1982, 1984, 1987-1988, 1990-1991, 1993
Birmingham Weekly Mercury 1949, 1956, 1971, 1981
Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald 1986-1987
Stockport Times 1992
Crawley News 1994
Surrey-Hants Star 1993
Kent & Sussex Courier 1995
Dumfries and Galloway Standard 1893, 1993-1994
Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal 1994
Accrington Observer and Times 1995
Sutton Coldfield News 1993
Irvine Herald 1993
Caterham Mirror 1992
Loughborough Echo 1999
Burntwood Post 1990, 1993-1994
Harrow Observer 1999
Wellingborough & Rushden Herald & Post 1993
Horncastle Target 1993
Wokingham Times 1998-1999
Crosby Herald 1993-1994
Horley & Gatwick Mirror 1993
Middlesex County Times 1999
Runcorn Guardian 1900
Civil & Military Gazette (Lahore) 1939, 1944
Kent Messenger & Gravesend Telegraph 1968
Erdington News 1908-1910
Plymouth Extra 1995
Bedworth Echo 1999
Brent Leader 1994
Stapleford & Sandiacre News 1999
Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Mercury 1999
Derby Express 1999
Birmingham Mail 1964, 1968, 1970, 1974
Ashbourne News Telegraph 1999
Southall Gazette 1999
Rugeley Mercury 1993
Winsford Chronicle 1999
Cheshunt and Waltham Mercury 1999
Marylebone Mercury 1999
Westminster & Pimlico News 1999
Crewe Chronicle 1999
Evening Despatch 1919
Edinburgh Evening News 1957






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