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Cookery Corner – International Cuisine

The Menu with The Bystander

  This month in the Cookery Corner, we are taking a looking at international dishes to continue our theme of Travel & Migration.  Diving into the newspapers, we uncovered recipes for Flemish Carbonnade de Boeuf, Spanish Paella Valenciana, and Canadian Maple Bread, as well as tips to cook the perfect rice and details about the fashionable war dinners in London. International dishes To launch our culinary world tour, I found an article in The Tatler with recipes from multiple countries: Italy, Spain,

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The Tay Bridge Disaster, 28 December 1879

Tay Bridge Disaster 1880

‘The awful catastrophe which occurred at the Tay Bridge on the last Sunday of the year is still the all-absorbing theme of conversation in the community…’ A section of the Tay Bridge, which connects Dundee and Wormit in Fife, collapsed during a terrible storm on the night of 28 December 1879.  Tragically, a Dundee-bound train plunged into the freezing waters of the river, with the loss of 60 lives (although some estimate the loss to have been 75 lives). Graphic illustrated the scenes

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